Regional Sponsorship

Regional SPonsorship: Long Island

The Regional Sponsorship focuses on providing:

  1. Best-in-class programming to meet continuing legal education requirements to our Long Island colleagues
  2. Networking opportunities that connect Long Island based in-house counsel

Regional Sponsors will work directly with the Chapter’s Long Island Region chair(s) to maximize the value of the sponsorship (for both the Sponsor and members in the Region).

$6,000 - 1 Long Island Sponsorship Available

Programming and Networking

  • Signature CLE, Signature Social or a combination (up to 2 hours)+

    Two or three representatives from your company or law firm, and one in-house counsel of your choosing, may present one (1) exclusive chapter-wide CLE presentation for up to two-hours (topic to be agreed on with ACC-NYC) or Sponsor has the option to host or co-host a signature social event for ACC-NYC members. The Sponsor may also select to hold a combination Signature CLE/Social event no longer than two (2) hours in length.

    No more than four (4) representatives (exclusive of in-house panelists) may present.

    Up to five (5) Sponsor representatives or Sponsor clients, in addition to presenter(s), may attend the sponsored event.

    To improve attendance, ACC-NYC recommends the event be held at an outside location.

  • Winter Gala (2 tickets)

    The ACC-NYC Winter Gala is a premiere networking event and celebrates the membership and sponsor contributions throughout the year.

    Up to two (2) Sponsor representatives may attend the Winter Gala. 


  • Event Promotion

    Logo inclusion on communications and the ACC-NYC Web site regarding Sponsor’s event.

  • CLE Presentation Material Access on ACC-NYC Website

    CLE presentation materials will be posted on the ACC-NYC Web site promptly after the CLE event.

+ Venue, food, beverage, ticket, parking and other costs, as applicable, to be provided and/or paid by Sponsor in addition to the Sponsorship Fee.

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