Other: Collaborative Partnerships

$4,000 - 5 Sponsorships Available

The Collaborative Sponsorships provide third-party organizations with an opportunity to collaboratively partner and promote its programs, conferences, and admission fees are used by the Chapter to other events of interest to in-house attorneys that are held in the New York City area. For purposes of this Sponsorship, the Chapter may, upon mutual agreement, publicize the third-party event through a link on the Chapter website, communication to the Chapter membership via email, promotional material or its quarterly newsletter, LinkedIn page, or agree to work collaboratively with the Sponsor in connection with the event (“Collaborative Partnership”).

The ACC-NYC Executive Director and VP, Sponsorship along with the President and/or President-Elect will consider each request for Collaborative Partnership based on the Sponsor Selection Criteria set forth on page 3 and the following additional factors:

  1. whether the Collaborative Partnership competes with a currently scheduled or anticipated Chapter program (which may be based on content, time or proximity);
  2. uniqueness of the program topic and potential value to a significant segment of the membership (e.g., special focus on corporate counsel issues);
  3. financial benefit to ACC-NYC (e.g., sponsorship fees) or its members (e.g., discounted registration fee), and potential financial risk;
  4. participation by Chapter members as faculty or program organizers;
  5. target audience (e.g. members of the bar, in-house attorneys, paralegals, non-legal managers, law firms);
  6. obligations imposed on ACC-NYC such as promotion, finding faculty, program registration and administration, site and hotel identification and contract negotiation and potential impact on ACC New York City resources, including finances and staff time;
  7. nature of the third-party organization (profit or non-profit), its reputation and the extent to which ACC-NYC benefits through association with such third-party;
  8. ongoing relationship between ACC-NYC and the third-party organization and whether the relationship will be enhanced by such co-sponsorship; and
  9. whether or not the program or the sponsoring third-party organization might pose a conflict of interest with an existing or pending ACC-NYC Sponsor.

The Collaborative Partnership is designed to promote and provide joint and mutual benefit for the third-party organization and ACC-NYC and its members. The Collaborative Partnership Sponsor agrees to include the ACC-NYC name and logo on all email communications, hard copy invitations (if applicable) and featured signage at the applicable program or event along with recognition at the event. ACC-NYC is permitted to distribute marketing materials during the applicable program or event and/or utilize an exhibitor space.

Collaborative Partnership approvals will be given on a case-by-case basis and will not create an obligation on the part of ACC-NYC to support or partner on future programs. The nature of this Sponsorship does not give the Sponsor or any other person or entity the right to use the name of the Chapter or the Association of Corporate Counsel (“ACC”) in any program materials, publicity, or advertising unless that right is explicitly granted in an agreement signed by an authorized officer of the Chapter, and as noted above. Approval will not be given if the program is designed to trade upon the Chapter’s name and the associated good will in a way that would confuse others and be detrimental to ACC-NYC. Collaborative Partnership Sponsors will also be required to complete the form set forth in Appendix 2 with respect to its approved programs, conferences, or other events approved.

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